VCO Health Benefits

What are the health benefits of VCO?

1. Is your Virgin coconut oil all natural and FDA approved?

Yes it’s a food supplement approved by the Food and Drug Authority.

2. What are its health benefits?

A: May help boost your immune system vs viruses and pathogenic microbes. Studies show and ongoing clinical trials are proof of the promise of nature’s superfood. Please see   and

3. Does your virgin coconut oil contain antioxidants?

Yes they do and even more as in our process we include the testa or brown paring layer of the coconut meat. 

Studies show this part of the coconut meat is quite rich in anti oxidants such as polyphenols, tocotrienols, tocopherols  among others. Read more here

4. What are the side effects?

For some first time users taking coconut oil it may cause LBM. LBM is actually  a good sign of detoxing, where all the toxins, pathogens in the stomach are expelled. 

Drink water to hydrate. If LBM is prolonged, discontinue the coconut oil.
Some experience slight nausea for first time intake. Its best to take coconut oil immediately after a meal.

5. Is your virgin coconut oil cosmetic grade?

Yes it's both food grade and cosmetic grade.  It is an excellent carrier oil  and ingredient for natural cosmetic products because of its medium chain fatty acids, excellent skin absorption feature, and anti microbial feature as it interacts with the skin.

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