COCONUT OF THE BODY or CocoBody for short was developed by Organix Solutions,Inc which was founded in 2003 by young professionals who have  “made it” in the corporate world but decided to put their resources and talents together to make a Difference.

The main driving and guiding philosophy for them then and continues to be so
now is “Doing good to people is good business”. This transformed a sleepy, laid
back, coconut producing coastal area in southern Philippines inhabited by
indigenous tribal communities into a producer of high quality organic virgin  coconut

The challenge was to how to mobilize poor and laidback communities, provide
jobs, create and produce world class products, and make them accessible them to
customers at an affordable price.

Now, our mission is being realized…..

We make people’s lives better every day — naturally.

At CocoBody, we create natural, Earth-friendly personal care
products formulated to help you maximize your well-being and that of the world
around you.

At CocoBody, we do not re-invent anything we simply innovate and
deliver products derived from the Tree of Life “The Coconut” blended with proven
natural ingredients.

For thousands of years, people of the Tropics have cared for their skin and their
bodies the natural way, they have the formula for what we call in modern times as

At CocoBody, a total approach to WELLNESS is achieved with elegance and simplicity. Be part of Virgin Coconut Revolution!