Stories of Healing by Cocolicious Users

Updated September 5, 2020

Compiled by R. Pacheco Jr

Note: Virgin Coconut Oil is NOT A DRUG. It is a natural and versatile food, part of traditional diets  and versatile home remedy to rural folk in tropical countries for centuries. The Philippine government, thru its agencies DOST-FNRI, has recognized its potential and promise as potential therapy against Covid-19 by initiating and funding clinical trials on covid-19 infected patients. Initial results of the trial in Santa Rosa Community Hospital  in Laguna, the DOST reported that 30 out of 40 patients have gone home.  The UP-PGH trials have yet to start. Official results of the trials are expected in 2021. Stories shared here are for information purpose only and are not meant to diagnose, treat, and cure illnesses and diseases. Pls consult a qualified physician for your medical concerns.

Experienced body ache, sore throat, headache, drank 2 tbsp a day of Cocolicious VCO and rubbed on her armpits. From Kryzel Mae of Roxas City:

Transdermal and oral intake. Diagnosed with "persistent cervical lymphadenopahty" in 2016, her mother made her drink 1 tablespoon 3 x a day Cocolicious VCO, and rubbed the VCO daily around her neck:

Transdermal and oral intake. User observed disappearance in a few days of symptoms of fever,swelling near the ear. From Rod, of Antipolo City:

Regained sense of smell and taste in a few days, taking Cocolicious 3 x a day. From Mari Cris,  works in Makati City:

Transdermal use. Had fever, colds, body aches, Cocolicious  was massaged topically to the armpits, neck, back of a 12 yr old boy whose condition improved after a few days. From Remington of Pasig City:


 Tested positive  in covid swab test, lost sense of smell and taste, took Cocolicious VCO 3 x a day, regained sense of taste and smell after a week, now negative in 2nd swab test. From Bryan of Taquig City:



Oral and Transdermal use. Regained sense of smell and taste after a few days. From Jacky , Taguig City:



 Improvement of overall well being of an 81 yr old taking VCO in tandem with a healthy daily regimen. From James of Malate, Manila:


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