A look at Antioxidants in VCO

 Note: Virgin Coconut Oil is NOT A DRUG. It is a natural and versatile food, part of traditional diets  and versatile home remedy to rural folk in tropical countries for centuries. The Philippine government, thru its agencies DOST/PCA, has recognized its potential and promise as potential therapy against Covid-19 by initiating and funding clinical trials on covid-19 infected patients. Official results of the trials are expected in 2021. The article  shared here are for information purpose only and are not meant to diagnose, treat, and cure illnesses and diseases. Pls consult a qualified physician for your medical concerns.

Virgin Coconut Oil processed from whole coconut meat with testa (also called paring layer) will contain significant amounts of Antioxidants compared to VCO processed without  the testa with coconut meat. This from a study by P. Appaiah, L. Sunil et al. published in the Journal of American Oil Chemist Society.



ANTIOXIDANTS contained in VCO can be introduced  thru transdermal means by rubbing the VCO in soft skin areas above the lymph nodes. 

ANTIOXIDANTS combined with Lauric Acid in VCO are a power packed combination Boosting the Immune System.

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