VCO Storage

How to store VCO?

How do you store properly?

Keep away from sunlight, just store at room temperature, always keep the bottle or jar closed.

2. Does pure Coconut Oil turn solid when the temperature cools?

Pure Coconut oil 
changes from liquid to solid at around 24-26 Celsius or 74-76 F. This appearance at said temperatures is one proof that the coconut oil you have is pure and unadulterated.

3. How do I make my solid coconut oil into liquid?

The easiest way to do this to put the VCO bottle in a bowl and give it a “warm bath”. The VCO should slowly return back to its liquid form. This might take some time depending on how warm the water is. (Note: Do not put the VCO in boiling water)

4. How do I make my liquid coconut oil into a solid?

Keep the jar in a cool place or in a refrigerator.

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